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As Barok, we believe that we are a strong and creative human resource behind our success in high-tech domestic product development and innovation for defence industry and commercial vehicles. Our aim is to provide quality and technological products, improve the behavioural and professional competencies of our employees with the possibilities of development and improve their efficiency based on performance, support them to discover their potential To provide suitable career opportunities. For this purpose, we are developing and sustaining our human resources processes and systems with the philosophy of continuous improvement by including the most talented candidates in the Barok family. As Barok, we aim at a constantly evolving human resources structure that adops the common corporate culture and values, believes in the importance of change, has a quality and customer oriented approach.

Please send your Cv to join the Barok family.

For contributing to our company vision and strategic objectives by

  • Acquiring
  • Improving
  • Keeping

the skilled workforce (talents) to develop the Human Resources tools and management systems to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of our human resources.

In our hiring processes, we approach all applicants objectively and equally in line with the ethical framework. To ensure objectivity in applicant evaluations, Barok Defense follows the steps below.

  • Applicant Application Evaluation
  • Interview with the Human Resources and the Related Department
  • English Test
  • Personality and Technical Competence Inventory Evaluations

High School Internship (Vocational Secondary Education): It covers high school internship programs during the school period (8 months) for the vocational school students to practice their tecnical and vocational knowledge as part of their compulsory internships.

Short Term University Internship: It covers university summer internship programs for the undergraduate students to practice their tecnical and vocational knowledge as part of their compulsory internships.

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Barok Academy

Barok Academy Vision Creation of an organizational culture that learns and shares by providing lifelong learning opportunities throughout the value chain in line with Barok’s sustainable global growth vision.


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